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Roberta Townsel, founder and President, has over twenty five years experience in fashion design and sewing.  She has been teaching sewing, fashion design and dance to young women from ages 4-18 on an independent basis for the past several years.  Currently she is teaching fashion design, sewing and dance at her shop. She is the sole proprietor of Roberta's Alterations.

 "Roberta Townsel taught at St. Richard's Episcopal School, for the last three years, has successfully conducted extremely well-organized, educational, and a fun sewing class for our a wonderful instructor who can teach at several levels simultaneously, and she is very well liked by the students.  She has a gift for involving the novice sewers in rewarding and interesting projects which challenged them".   Cathy Ridley, Dir. of Childcare and Summer Camps at St. Richard's Episcopal School.

 I have youth waiting to begin our programs.  I was recently approved by Wayne Township School system to conduct an after school program. This one school system has over seven thousand children.  Policies are in place, job descriptions written, and instructors identified. The next step is securing financial support. 

I currently run the program on the west side of Indianapolis, IN the area known as Haughville. I am looking to expand and grow and would love to reach out to children and youth in high risk areas on each side of town. I look forward to this program being a model that can be utilized in other cities and states as I strive to get our children off the streets and on to leading positive productive lives.  I am asking all that can and will help us to make a difference one child at a time.

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Roberta Townsel has written an ebook and is donating all the proceeds to Transforming Design!  To order a copy for $10 go to paypal button below.  In comment field put in email address, make payment and e-book will be sent within 24hours.

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